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AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, Informal Logic

AREAS OF COMPETENCE: Philosophical Logic, Ethics, Epistemology


2018-Present: Assistant Professor, Worcester State University

2017-18: Visiting Assistant Professor, Worcester State University

2016-17: Visiting Assistant Professor, Dickinson College

2009-16: Various Teaching Positions, Hunter College


2016: Ph.D. Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center

2009: B.A. Liberal Arts, magna cum laude, Hunter College 


“What Is a Stand Up Special?” Aesthetic Investigations (2021)


“The Fictional Film” Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics (2021)


“High Cost Art” Washington University Review of Philosophy (2021)

“Evaluating Stand Up Specials” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (2020)

Logic and Philosophy 13thEdition, with Alan Hausman and Howard Kahane (2021)

“Realism about Film and Realism in Films” Film and Philosophy (2019)


Review of The Norton Introduction to Philosophy, Second Edition.  Gideon Rosen, Alex Byrne, Joshua Cohen, Elizabeth Harman, Seana Shiffrin, Eds.  Teaching Philosophy (2019)


“The Strange Case of the Stand-Up Special” The Israeli Journal of Humor Research (2018)


“How are the Emotions Engaged by Artworks?” in Current Controversies in the Philosophy of Art (forthcoming)


Current Controversies in the Philosophy of Art Ed. with Noël Carroll (forthcoming)


“Film Ontology: Extension, Criteria and Candidates” in The Palgrave Handbook for the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures ed. Noël Carroll, Laura T. Di Summa- Knoop and Shawn Loht. (2019)


Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric 13th Edition, with Nancy Cavender and Howard Kahane (2016)  


“The Cognitive Value of Fiction: Two Models” teorema (2016)


“Moral Value and Moral Psychology in Twain’s ‘Carnival of Crime’” in Mark Twain and Philosophy, Alan Goldman Ed. (2017)


“Back in Style: A New Interpretation of Danto’s Style Matrix” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (2015)


“An Argument (Many) Films Make” Film and Philosophy (2016)


“Weitz’s Legacy” American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal (2015)


“An Alternative to Conditional Proof?”(With A. Hausman) and “A Final Note on Translations” In Hausman, Tidman and Kahane Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction 12th. (2013)  



“That’s Not Funny: Quietism About Humor” Lighthearted Philosophers Society (2019)


“Three Histories of Art” American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (2019)

“Shakespeare’s Philosophical Arguments” Shakespeare and/as Philosophy (2018)


“Inspiration as Explanation” Eastern American Society for Aesthetics Meeting (2018)


“A Suggestion for a Logic of Fiction” Eastern American Society for Aesthetics Meeting (2017)


“Anthropomorphism and Gender in Film” Cinema and the Thought of Gender (2017)


“The Strange Case of the Stand Up Special” Ethics and Aesthetics of Stand-Up Comedy (2017)


“Are We Still in Yoknapatawpha?” American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (2015)


“High-Cost Art” American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Division Meeting (2015)


“An Argument (Many) Films Make” Eastern American Philosophical Association Meeting (2014)


“Façades in the Display of Architectural Art” SBU Philosophy and the Arts (2014)



“Why is the Porsche a Woman?” Worcester State University (2017)


"Liberalism and Libertarianism" Philosophy-In-Manhattan (2016)


"Art, Morality and Censorship" Philosophy-In-Manhattan (2014)


"(Re)Solving The Paradox of Fiction" Philosophy-In-Manhattan (2013)



Worcester State University:

                   About Time (Honors First-Year Seminar)

                   Critical Thinking

                   Computer Ethics 

                   Film and Philosophy

                   Introduction to Philosophy


                   Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics 

        Philosophy of Art 

                   Philosophy of Science 

                   Philosophy of Space and Time 

                   Philosophy of Sport 


Dickinson College: 


                   Philosophy of Art

                   Introduction to Philosophy 

                   Truth and Paradox 


Hunter College:


                   Introduction to Ethics 

                   Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking 

                   Introduction to Philosophy 

                   Knowledge and Reality 

                   Philosophy and Film

                   Social and Political Philosophy          



Best Graduate Student Paper, American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (2015)

William Bryar Memorial Award in Philosophy (2009)

University Fellowship, CUNY Graduate Center (2009)



Refereed for the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism and Film and Philosophy

Chaired panel for American Society for Aesthetics

Freelance Writing and Consulting (2009-present)

Member: American Philosophical Association, American Society for Aesthetics,

Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts

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